Saturday, March 25, 2006

Marie: Full Of Fire

She's been called "a songbird" but Marie sings from her own heart. "I just do what i enjoy doing". She smiles. This powerful lady captivates audiences with her soulful delivery of the Blues... When Marie sings she pours her heart out, and people listen. "I sing from my heart" she says. and anyone who has heard her passionate delivery would agree... She is an explosion of high energy emotion gift wrapped in music..... Remember her name... You won't ever forget her voice!
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Mark Van Ark & the Shakes: Speedy Monkey

This album contains original Blues with a touch of Jazz and Rock n'Roll
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The Tremors: Big White Lies

Acoustic blues/jazz and cabaret band with a ragtime gospel edge
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Gangsters of Love: Old School Blues, Swamp, Booze & Gumbo

Swamp Blues, Old School & Other Related Stuff. Live & Raw
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Friday, March 24, 2006

Glenn Hardy: Blue Shades

Contemporary hybrid piano: an eclectic mix of blues, rock, classical, and jazz
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Dennis McClung Blues Band: Live! Out of the Ordinary

Electric Chicago blues with passion
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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

David Raitt & Jimmy Thackery: That's It

This CD is a package of pure, modern blues/r&b, joy. Having know each other since they were kids David Raitt and Jimmy Thackery decided it was time to join forces and see what they could do in the sudio together. These recordings not only feature David's wonderful vocal skills and Jimmy's explosive guitar work but also some fine song writing by both. As a special bonus there is the guest appearance of David's sister Bonnie Raitt helping with vocals on two tracks. Add powerful rhythm and horn sections and, well, "That's it!"
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Sandra Bacall: Ghost Town Cafe

Sandra Bacall is the vortex of what happens when Kurt Weill, Nina Simone, Hank Williams, & Leadbelly meet in Purgatory to plan their ascent into Heaven, only to get the coordinates all wrong, and end up in a bar on Pico St. in the City of the Angels
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Back Alley Blues Band: Boxcar Tourists

Funky Rockin Blues with Americana/Rockabilly undertones with lots of energy and passion from a hard working Florida blues band
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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Nicolette Helm: Dodgin' Bullets

Features Helms' combined talents of guitar artistry, songwriting and powerful vocal performances. She connects with genuine passion in the delivery of her original works. You won't come across another female, blues guitarist with more originality and soul
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The Charles Walker Blues Band: Hotel Room Blues

The Charles Walker Blues Band is a five piece band that performs with various styles of blues and R&B with precision. What adds to the band uniqueness, apart from award winning musicians, is the richness of both the original and cover material. As one critic said, "Real edge of your seat, power wire blues." A quote from the "Livin Blues" magazine describes us best, "…so much energy, you can’t resist but fall in love with every song. You’re drawn in and held for show after show with Charles band."
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Elliot Essman: Blues Cookbook

Created by award-winning food writer and composer Elliot Essman, Blues Cookbook is a CD of fourteen blues songs that all have to do with cooking and food. Written in a variety of urban and traditional blues styles, the songs in Blues Cookbook are filled with cooking advice for such down-home favorites as chicken-fried steak, cornbread, okra, sweet potato pie, pan-fried chicken, collard greens, barbecue, biscuits, and more
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Red Hot Blues Sisters: Flood in the Basement

Blues/Rock with hot soulful vocals and smokin' guitar
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Groovedoctors: Highlife

An original album firmly rooted in the blues, that takes on an identity of its own. Cutting across a host of musical styles and boundaries, the songwriting is strong with sharp lyrics. Spell binding guitar work, gritty Chicago style harp and a rhythm section that really grooves; Highlife makes for compelling listening
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Friday, March 17, 2006

Curtis Blues: Forget With Me

"It’s like listening to the reincarnation of Robert Johnson." This is what the review in The Sensible Sound said about Curtis Blues after one writer voted him one of the top ten CDs of this year. Curtis Blues plays One-Man-Band, acoustic, Delta blues honed through years of street performing, and playing clubs in the Washington D.C area
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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Medium Wallys: Wash and Wear Blues

Blues rock, from the US to Britain and back. With a vengeance. Hair-raising, hawk-screaming blues
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Ndidi Onukwulu: No, I Never

Singer and songwriter Ndidi Onukwulu is a newcomer to blues scene in Toronto, Canada. She brings the contemporary rhythms of Africa to the blues. Ndidi, who was born in British Columbia, grew up listening to her Nigerian-born father play drums
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The Ford Blues Band:Another Fine Day

Powerful modern blues/R&B with a full horn section
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Henry Correy and The Correydors: Prisoner Of Desire

Original Australian Electric Blues, with an emphasis on good lyrics , melody and songwriting
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The Walla Walla Blues Society: Best of the Northwest Blues

The hottest Blues from today's top Northwest Blues acts
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Andre DeVito: One Day at a Time

Funky Blues Based Soul. Raw, high-energy, and straight from the heart the way the music should be played. Featuring Andre DeVito on Vocals and Guitar, and the legendary Freddie Roulette on Lapsteel Guitar
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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Blues Music Awards 2006

The Blues Foundation has set the 2006 Blues Music Awards for Thursday May 11, 2006 at the Memphis Cook Convention Center in downtown Memphis, Tennessee. You may now purchase tickets, either a table or individual tickets at The Blues Store. Tickets will be mailed in April most likely. International orders will be held for hand delivery May 10-11 at the Memphis Marriott Downtown or at the will call at the Cook Convention Center day of show

Sunday, March 12, 2006

The MoFo Party Band: Voodoo Dolls & Jungle Drums

Old school Chicago Blues with West Coast Blues influences, harmonica led blues, soulful with a lot of energy
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The Robert Crotty Band: Steppin' Out

The Robert Crotty Band with Paul Vitelli and Rob Mitchell. Rockin' electric Blues certain to cause smiling and dancing
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Demonstrators: Songwriter's Choice

A rowdy bag of swamp-rock anthems, bar-band blues, roadhouse boogies, a honky tonk torch song or two, and some topical rabble-rousers. Terse verse. gritty grooves. Boogie on
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Johnson, Miller & Dermody: Deceiving Blues

Acoustic Country Blues played by three masters singing and backing themselves on harmonica, guitar, and mandolin, dobro or rubboard
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Croftstown: Unboogie

Fresh, powerful and energetic guitar driven blues/rock capturing traditional elements whilst also embracing the new
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Adam Hole: Why Not

Acoustic / Blues / Roots and Driven Slide Guitar
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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Summer and the Sinners: Boogie with the Devil

Big-voiced Summer and her band, the Sinners, are a definite "cool breeze" from the Great White North! Summer can really get one's attention with that sly, sexy, sultry growl in her delivery. Backed by Buddy Love on guitar, R.J. Johnson on bass, Dave Vidal Guitar, Paul Nixon on drums and Paul Wainwright on sax, Brendan Hedly on keys, these guys will give you that "old-school" feel for the days of Mike Bloomfield or Janis Joplin and Big Brother
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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The SideCats: Live At Yankeetown Studios

The SideCats are not your traditional quartet. The groups unique instrumentation makes for a warm, organic and home-grown sound. Jackson's music slides from heart felt southern blues to swinging horn arrangements to music with a "South of the Border" feel
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Shirley Jackson & Her Good Rockin' Daddys: Careful What You Ask For

Shirley Jackson combines traditional sounds of the Texas-Style Blues together with Jump Blues and Swing with a big voice and hot tenor sax backed by some of the best musicians in the Maritimes, bringing that West Coast Blues sound to the East
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The Randy Oxford Band: All The Buzz

Powerful vocals by Virginia Klemens out of Chicago, IL. as well as the unique and amazing guitar stylings from Jerry Lee Davidson and Steve Blood with an awesome rhythm section led by Riky Hudson on drums and Jack Kinney on bass, makes this self produced CD a must have for your collection
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Pete Barbeck and 7th Son: Pete's Up All Night

Rockin' Texas blues
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Blues for the Cure 2005

It is a refreshing blend of old and new and fast and slow and feel-it-all-the-way-down-to-your toes, blues. This CD brings together talented musicians from all genres of music each offering their own blues influence to this explosion of sound
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Andrew "Jr Boy" Jones: Jr Boy Live

Capturing the fire of Texas' living legend bluesman Andrew "Jr Boy" Jones. Jr Boy Live is Andrew's first live CD that makes you feel like you're at the show
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